Outcome for Seed Increase Trials Lead to Release of Promising New Disease- Resistant Varieties

A substantial quantity of seed was produced for each crop. (Refer to the complete project report for data regarding yields and seed germination rates.) Some crops were highly productive. Cucumbers produced more than ten fruit per plant with abundant seed which germinated at 85% or better. Melons averaged closer to one fruit per plant with variable yield and generally good germination. Summer squash and butternut produced about two fruit per plant. Early germination was poor but increased upon storage to more than 50%.

Cucumber seed increases as a result of this project have led to the availability of three different sizes and types of disease-resistant cucumber varieties:

  • ‘Salt and Pepper’, small white cucumber with black spines;
  • ‘Platinum’, a medium-sized multipurpose cucumber white skin with white spines;
  • ‘Silver Slicer’, a long cucumber with white skins and white spines.