Outcome of Create Open Pollinated Sugary Enhanced Sweet Corn Varieties

In November 2015, Farmer and researcher Jonathan Spero completed his four-year seed-breeding project “Create open pollinated, sugary enhanced sweet corn varieties.” This project which is featured in detail here in an earlier report, led to the development of two new varieties of sweet corn: Top Hat and Tuxana. These varieties are both open pollinated and sugary enhanced, meaning that they allow farmers to save seeds and eaters to enjoy the sweet flavor of delicious sweet corn. For the first time, these two varieties are being grown for commercial sale in 2015. The final report of Jonathan Spero’s research is available on our website here. Spero stated, “My work is resulting in new varieties, creating new options for organic farmers.” The hard work and dedication of this multi-year project has resulted in new sweet corn varieties that will be important for organic farmers who need seeds especially suited for organic farming.   

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