Analysis of Compost Tea Under Different Stages of Production

In this paper we review some of the pertinent research concerning organic teas, and note that the results of studies on the effects of such teas, especially as a biocide, is quite mixed. We believe this is due to the variable nature of both the organic feed stock and the methods of extraction. We also make some suggestions concerning a protocol for on-site research into the production and use of organic teas with suggestions for controlling feedstock and extractor variables infield experiments. Finally, we describe our experiences with prototype, simply-made, aerobic organic- tea extractors at Cabrillo College. Our results confirm those of others: that so-called anaerobic tea systems ... those in which organic stock is simply soaked in water.. are actually aerobic for the first 48 hours or so of extraction. After that, they BECOME anaerobic. In other words, aerated or "aerobic " systems simply extend the time of useful extraction by replacing OR adding oxygen into a system that would otherwise go anaerobic. It should be the goal of ALL organic tea extraction methods to avoid anaerobic conditions.