Evaluation of summer cover crops as weed suppressive mulches

The objectives of this project were to:
1. Evaluate several different cover crops and cover crop mixtures for quick establishment, contribution of N for subsequent crops, minimal immobilization of N after cover crop kill, susceptibility to being mechanically killed by mechanical methods, and weed control potential at three North Carolina
locations: The Vernon James Research and Extension Center in Plymouth, NC; Misty Morning Farm (North Carolinas largest organic vegetable producer); and, the Organic Unit at the Center for Environmental Farming Systems.
2. Host a field day at Misty Morning Farm and the Organic Unit at the Center for Environmental Farming Systems in Goldsboro to familiarize growers and ag extension agents with the various summer cover
crop options.
3. Present the research results at the annual meeting of the Carolina Farm Stewardship Association.
4. Develop a Cooperative Extension ìHort Information Leafletî to summarize the results of this experiment and post the information on the World Wide Web.