Organic certified seed potato production in the Midwest

Our overall goal is to support the growth of an organic certified seed potato industry in Wisconsin. We have addressed this goal by conducting field trials on participating Wisconsin organic farms in order to test organic production methods for seed potatoes that meet certification standards. We used information from our field trials and from published literature to develop educational resources for organic growers on becoming certified seed potato growers using disease testing to monitor potato health and organic management strategies to control common potato diseases. We also hope to encourage development of an organic potato growers association that will sustain these goals after the funding for this project has ended.

The objectives of this project were to: 1. Conduct on-farm trials of organic seed potato production testing strategies to control aphid-borne viral diseases and other limiting potato diseases and determine the feasibility and best methods of organic certified seed potato production in the Midwest. 2. Develop educational materials for organic growers on how to become certified seed potato growers, on organic methods for potato disease control, and on the uses of pathogen indexing in seed potato production.