Organic Farmers Flock to Farm Walk Series


Tilth Producers of Washington Farm Walks

Coordinator: Nancy Allen, Tilth Producers of Washington, Seattle, Washington
Stakeholder location: Washington State

Tilth Producers' primary goal is to help Washington’s organic family farms thrive. Growers who understand how to farm organically —meaning how to maintain soil and water quality, how to maintain biodiversity, how to meet national and state requirements, how to create value-added products, and how to market their products—will have better financial success and greater sustainability.

Since 2004, Tilth Producers' Farm Walk program has provided educational opportunities that provide research-based, localized, hands-on training to Washington organic and aspiring organic growers. Organic producers have repeatedly expressed a need for

training in different locations around the state to address issues that are locally or regionally specific, such as insects, diseases, crops or climate challenges. They have expressed a preference for hands-on learning that does not take them away from their farm business for days at a time as the Tilth Producers' conference and day-long workshops do. They place the highest value on peer learning and networking.

Tilth Producers of Washington partnered with Washington State University (WSU) Small Farms Program to deliver ten half-day educational farm walks to aspiring and established organic farmers in Washington.