Outcome of Controlling weeds using propane generated flame and steam treatments in crop and non croplands

Evaluations taken 8, 22 and 39 days after the steam, flame and Pursuit treatments found the
following: The flame treatment gave greater than 90% control of both kochia and netseed
lambsquarter. The steam treatment did not control any weeds in this experiment. Also, the Pursuit
treatment did not show any activity against the weeds. The drought stressed weeds did not appear to
be affected by the steam or Pursuit applications. This level of control would not be acceptable to
commercial growers.
Drought also affected the alfalfa weevil larvae populations. Alfalfa weevil populations never fully
developed in this field. Sampling of the untreated check revealed less than two weevil larvae present
per 20 alfalfa stems. No significant differences were seen between treatments because of low insect
The Atarus Ranger flame device generally provided weed control levels comparable to herbicide
treatments commonly used in alfalfa. The use of flame technology does reduce the turning or
disturbing of soil and mimics no-till farming.
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