Outcome of Cover Crop Seed Production as a Sustainable Enterprise for the Southeast

Certified organic cover crop seed is not widely available and there is little to no organic seed production in the southeastern United States. If organic cover crop seed production can be a viable enterprise for growers, it will improve the availability of varieties adapted to the Southeast, provide a source for locally grown seeds, and add another profit center for certified organic growers, seed cleaners and local seed companies. This project evaluated the profitability of certified organic crimson clover seed and annual rye seed production. Clover averaged a yield of 88 lbs/acre the first year and 399 lbs/acre the second year. Rye averaged 12 bu/acre the first year and 15 bu/acre the second. If market price and demand remain consistent with 2009 values ($7 per pound of clover and $42 per bushel of rye), organic cover crop seed production can be profitable in the Southeast.

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