Outcome of Developing "Organic-Ready" Maize Populations with Gametophytic Incompatibility Year IV

The purpose of this five year breeding project was to reduce transgenic contamination of organic maize grown in the USA by maintaining the integrity of organic maize seed.  Sources of gametophytic incompatibility (Ga1s from tropical corn or popcorn, and Ga2s from teosinte), a trait that strongly interferes with successful fertilization by pollen from plants without the trait, were back crossed with a number of corn populations and inbred lines.  Along with other practices to maintain genetic purity of corn varieties, these traits should provide additional insurance against transgene contamination once the seed is deployed into farmers’ fields.  These improved lines and populations have been increased for public release of corn that will not readily cross with most field corn in the USA.  Along with the seeds, videos, presentations, and interviews provided public outreach to highlight the traits, the importance of organic corn, and the work to help protect it.

Outcome PDF: