Outcome of Organic Livestock Handbook: a Canadian Organic Growers Practical Skills Handbook

Outcome Summary
Canadian Organic Growers (COG) published the first edition of the very popular Organic Livestock Handbook in 2000. Since its publication, organic livestock production practices have significantly changed in Canada, and in 2009 the Canadian Organic Standards were enacted. The new edition of the Organic Livestock Handbook was written by Laura Telford and Anne Macey, with contributions by E. Ann Clark and Roger Henry. The handbook has been completely rewritten to reflect the changes in the Canadian Organic Standards and to include findings from the latest research on organic livestock production. The authors conducted in-depth research of production practices, along with interviews with dozens of organic farmers across Canada, and provide detailed coverage of the most popular livestock types raised on organic farms, along with in-depth profiles of some of Canada’s most successful organic livestock producers.
Farmers, ranchers, and educators in the United States and other countries will also find this comprehensive handbook to be an engaging and valuable resource.
The second edition of Organic Livestock Handbook is available at www.cog.ca.
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