Outcome of Organic Seed Production Guides Help Fill Knowledge Gap

Photo of OSA’s organic carrot seed production guide.Organic Seed Alliance (OSA) has released three new publications on the Principles and Practices of Organic Lettuce, Beet, and Carrot Seed Production. These three guides work to fill gaps on organic seed production practices. 

Photo of OSA’s organic beet seed production guide.

The guides are approximately 15 pages long, printed in full color, and contain several photographs. The photos demonstrate field and handling techniques of each crop. Each guide includes a References and Resources section and OSA’s Creative Commons agreement which protects and allows free access to the material in the public domain.

Photo of OSA’s organic lettuce seed production guide.These three new production guides funded by OFRF add to OSA’s information library for organic producers, which also includes organic production guides for spinach, bean and radish seeds, a guide to conducting organic on-farm flower and vegetable variety trials, and a seed saving guide for gardeners and farmers. Visit seedalliance.org for more information.

Carrot Seed Guide: http://ofrf.org/funded/supplements/colley_08s27_OSA_Carrot_Seed_Manual.pdf

Lettuce Seed Guide: http://ofrf.org/funded/supplements/colley_08s27_OSA_Lettuce_Seed_Manual.pdf

Beet Seed Guide: http://ofrf.org/funded/supplements/colley_08s27_OSA_Beet_Seed_Manual.pdf

Project Summary: http://ofrf.org/funded/summaries/colley_08s27_summary.pdf

Complete Project Report: http://ofrf.org/funded/reports/colley_08s27.pdf