Outcome of Organic Vegetable Manual Adds to Slate of Quality Production Guides from Canadian Organic Growers

The result of this project is the publication of a 135-page handbook, Crop Planning for Organic Vegetable Growers. A one-day workshop based on the book has also been developed and delivered several times.

The eleven steps presented in the book are:

  1. Set your financial goals
  2. Develop a marketing plan
  3. Make field planting schedules
  4. Create crop maps
  5. Chose vegetable varieties and finalize planting schedule
  6. Generate greenhouse schedules
  7. Fill out a seed order
  8. Make a field operations calendar
  9. Carry out the crop plan
  10. Analyse crop profitability
  11. Plan for next year

Initial feedback about Crop Planning for the Organic Vegetable Growers has been overwhelmingly positive.


Complete Project Report

Results Summary

Canadian Organic Growers publication page: http://www.cog.ca/our-services/publications/practical-skills-handbooks/