Weed control with green manure and cover crops

Weeds pose one of the most important threats to crop production. Losses in both yield and quality of crops due to weeds, as well as costs of weed control, constitute an enormous economic problem in crop production. Weeds have a major influence on the production decisions made by producers. Additional land, labor, equipment, fuel, herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, fertilizer, and irrigation water may be required to maintain economical production when weeds are present. 


1. Evaluate and demonstrate the effectiveness of using white mustard, rapeseed, annual rye, and sudangrass as green manure to control weeds without herbicides in green pea, potato, cucumber and mint while renewing soil organic matter and conserving nutrients. 2. Evaluate and demonstrate the value and feasibility of mechanical cultivation to control weeds in green peas in conjunction with green manuring.